Wyoming Elk Hunts

Open Creek Outfitters

Yes, you are right in thinking there is much hype put out there today on where to go, and with whom to hunt. Please believe me and be aware that my camps are the most successful elk hunting camps in North America for over fifty years. An eighty to ninety percent annual kill rate every season is not a boast, but a plain fact.

ElkI hunt just east of the southeast border of Yellowstone National Park, in each of my two hunting camps, in September while the rut is in full swing. Each year starts off with one archery hunt in the beginning of September and goes into the rifle hunts. The last two hunts are excellent migration elk and deer hunts, should you consider a combo hunt.

The Open Creek camps are definitely remote and offer some 60 square miles of quality hunting in the thirteen tributaries of the famous drainage. Here, in the heart of the Rockies, and thirty-two-mile horseback ride gets you into the two most professionally run elk camps you will ever encounter. I pride myself in having experienced guides, good food, and safe, comfortable accommodations. My horses and mules are tried and true. These wilderness elk hunts do live up to the traditional and successful hunts every hunter dream of. Again, this is true wilderness, the home of the grizzly. We know how to live with these bears and your safety is in good hands.

Mule Deer Hunts

Open Creek Outfitters

mule deerEnjoy an 8-day Mule deer hunt in Open Creek, at my wilderness hunting camp. This is a horseback hunt. We hunt these deer as they migrate out of the high country. These deer travel the same trails year after year. The amount of deer that are seen each day is incredible.

Big Horn Sheep Hunts

Open Creek Outfitters

My Open Creek camps are in Wyoming big horn sheep hunt area #3. Yes, this is the same area that you have read about for years. This is the remote home of the big rams. I also offer hunts in the big horn sheep hunt area #4. Your sheep hunt is important to you and me. Every effort will be guaranteed on your one on one sheep hunt.

Moose Hunts

Open Creek Outfitters

Moose tags, like sheep tags, are limited draw. Yellowstone bull moose drift in and out of the park. Yellowstone is the greatest sanctuary of Shiras moose in Wyoming. This fact alone might be the key to getting your bull moose.

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